Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Safe and Sound

Wayne bought a large floor safe in 1974 - it was to keep family documents, not money or jewelry - can't use a safe for that, the burglars would find them:)

Anyway, a few years ago I inquired about the combination, not wanting to use it, just "in case" it got locked accidentally. He rather sheepishly said he had misplaced it - no big deal, we never ever locked it.

After Wayne was admitted, I sorted through his desk and guess what popped up right away! So, I just made a file for it - for myself.

We each had our own office and I didn't have need to check his out. These little things are treasures to me.

Well, I maybe should have used the safe as I hid some jewelry and can't find it. It's not the Crown Jewels but of that much value to me. Last night I stayed up til 1am searching every single cabinet in the kitchen. you'd think it would have been in the Raisin Bran but not such luck!

Wish me luck as I continue - - -


karen said...

Good luck . It is always the last place you look. LOL!

Mevely317 said...

Yep, been there ... last week, as a matter of fact. After tearing the closet and drawers apart, DH found his ring "hiding in plain sight."
Seriously, I'm concerned on your behalf, Jean .... please let us know when you find those pieces?!

kenju said...

I sure hope you find them!

We went to the beach recently, and I hid some jewelry before leaving. My daughter was concerned that I'd forget where I put it - but I haven't - at least not yet!!

Donna B said...

As a former Catholic, we used to pray to St. Anthony or St. Jude for lost things. The important thing is, according to one of my blogging buddies who recently discussed looking for her sister's missing wallet, is to "quiet your mind" so you can receive directions from the saints or your subsconcious, or the powers that be...sure enough, she found the wallet!

Think back to that time frame, knowing the confusion in Wayne's mind and then follow your instincts...you will find it.

Terra said...

I'm with you on hiding a few things and then wondering where in the heck I put them.