Wednesday, September 8, 2010


So I was working in Wayne's shop the other day, gathering stuff for recycling, etc. Luckily the shop door was open when I picked up a rather large box with 3 live mice running around in it.

For a millisecond I froze, then grabbed the box and ran out the door, tossing the box rather violently on the lawn. Two mice were ejected and I could still hear one frantically running in the box, caught under the folds of the lid - maybe it was I running frantically. Anyway, the 2 mice wouldn't run. Foolishly I said, "Shoo, shoo." They don't understand English. Anyway, with visions of a mouse running up my sleeve, I ran again with the box and the mouse and tossed it under large evergreens at the back of the yard.

Finally the other 2 were no where to be seen - probably back in the shop!

Anyway, I set traps to no avail so maybe that's it but I'll keep the traps loaded. I'll have to ask my neighbor to dump them as even a dead mouse creeps me out.


Granny Annie said...

Why in the world do tiny mice freak us out so much? I do not like for them to suddenly dart out at me from nowhere. I would have dropped the box where I stood and run out,locking the shop, never to enter again.

Dolores said...

Oh Jean...... I'm with you on the fear of mice.....dead or alive.

I have a funny vision of you dropping that box and running.

Donna B said...

Oh man I am creeped out too...the thought of those little feet and wierd scaly tail on my skin gives me the heeby jeebies!! Maybe you might consider rescuing a cat to help keep the mice away?? Good you will be paranoid working in Wayne's shop...