Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Modern Miracle

So, I finally bought inserts for my shoes. Within 24 hours, most of the pain was gone. So "what does she do?" - wears other shoes, did not transfer inserts and I'm back at square one! But, they work wonders.

There are inserts for all sorts of problems but I needed help with my heel.Thank you, Dr. Scholl:)


karen said...

We went to Vegas a few yrs back and I got new Dr Scholls walking sneakers. My feet almost died. I ended up wearing my flip flops to do most of the walking. I think the fact that they were new was the problem. I have been wearing them alot now. But we have not been on vacation and no real walking involved.
I hope your feet are all better soon.

Donna B said...

I always wondered if those things help. My husband has major foot problems. I have been thinking of taking him to GOOD FEET, but maybe we will try Mr. Scholls...thanks for the tip!