Sunday, January 14, 2007

"What's in a Name?"

So I was asked how the name of the blog came to be--

Have a great wood burning stove in our family room - my man and I spend most evenings in our recliners - mesmerized by the flames, warmed by the fire and loved by each other.

We read, talk, nap (well, we are 61 and 65!) and listen to music. Buddy the (fickle) cat stretches out near the glass door basking in the heat.

Anyway, back to the blog name - Last Friday we were listening to Elvis' rendition of "Welcome to my World" and as I walked by, my man reached out - we waltzed with Elvis serenading us. A special moment I'll never forget. Kleenex, please.


A said...

What a lovely little vignette of your life! One of those magical moments that becomes etched in one's memory for a lifetime! However, knowing 'your man' (for 40 plus years myself), and the kind, sweet guy he is, I am somehow not surprised that he gently grabbed your passing hand and took you for 'a turn' across that vintage red shag. Yeah, best keep those tissues near by, and please NEVER stop dancing...!

Jean said...

I can't afford all this Kleenex!

D said...

Hi Jean,
I was really touched by your entry "What's in a Name?", & a very funny entry for your blog debut. Does this mean you have a new career after retirement? You're a brave hi-tech girl. May the force be with you!
p.s. a big day this Friday!

D said...

Hi again...just to clarify...I got a bit ahead of myself referring to the very touching gesture of Wayne's, with your 'Elvis Waltz', and your rather comical description of the incident in the kitchen! (Ouch!)
Dance more and stay out of that kitchen, will ya! (grin)