Sunday, January 14, 2007

"What did YOU do this weekend?"

So my co-workers were all young, vibrant and full of energy - in their 20's and 30's opposed to my being 50-ish. We relished our 30 minute lunch hour break to trade recipes, bits of each other's lunches and lives.

One Monday they asked me what we did for the weekend - this after they relayed their adventures which drained my energy listening. So I honestly answered "Dancing". I could see the admiration and wonder in their eyes- mostly wonder- The old girl went dancing. "Wow". Now the inevitable, "Where?", cause it would have to be a cool night club or in my case, a Seniors' Centre.In the family room - after the shock we all burst out laughing - they loved it. I even fessed up it was wild jiving (Little Deuce Coupe) or soft, slow country. They were in stitches. Good times.

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