Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Busy but Happy!

I bought asparagus yesterday- the box has 10 plants - hopefully some spring day in 2 years, I will be dining on my own fresh asparagus. We love it and it's $1.89 lb. if we're lucky. Plus it's pretty in the garden.

Another great day going - a bit overcast. Having an issue with starlings all over my yard, They think they own it and I have to swing a towel over my head to chase them (crazy lady at it again).

Thought of blogville as I was headed down to the pantry to get pasta so here I sit~ I'm making the pasta salad mentioned a bit ago. Plumber is to be coming to do a couple things, company is on it's way, S&R coming for dinner.

Who said retirement is boring?!


Petra said...

We planted some asparagus plants last year and it was fun to see them rise again this year all fernlike. Next year........
$1.89 a are lucky...there
have been days when it has been
$2.99 lb. does average
at around $1.99 lb. which is
highway robbery!!!!!

Jean said...

Can a person harvest the 1st year! Wow, I thought our prices were awful for asp.

Petra said...

We did not realize anything last year, but this year there were a few stalks that were edible and
delicious. We left some to go to seed...the third year is thye charm..