Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Thanksgiving Weekend in Canada

May get busy in the next few days so sending wishes near and far. Somehow I can't see me too busy to blog but I suppose it could happen!

I have a list of things I'm thankful for - family and friends rate first. Could write lots on my list.
Invited to Shirl's and Robin's for dinner Sunday - look forward to that.


Trish said...

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! Sorry to appear ignorant, but could you share with us what Canada celebrates on this day? Is it simply a day to be thankful? or is there more significance, like here in the US we remember the pilgrims and coming to America, and sharing a meal with the Indians, etc..along with simply being thankful...Tell us more about YOUR Thanksgiving! I am thankful for YOU!

Jean said...

Same thing, my Friend.

Ang baylis said...

Happy Thanksgiving!
Angie xoxo

Jean said...

Welcome and thank you, Ang!