Tuesday, April 15, 2008

So I didn't know mice could slip through a dime size hole - or how much they'd love bird seed. Anyway, before I had the seed in covered containers, late one night I discovered one very happy mouse. Opened the laundry room door to garage and there he was, dining at the corner of the seed bag. He thought he had died and gone to Heaven. Not quite yet, Mouse.

Felt sorry for him. As he fled, he actually waddled. "You're making this difficult, I may have to find a larger trap for your big neck."

I don't think it was fair - I set the trap beside the bag of seed. What's a mouse to do, Cheddar or birdseed.

He chose Cheddar - - -


smilnsigh said...

Yup, they can get through most any size hole. -sigh-

Here we never miss with a piece of bacon plus a bit of peanut butter. Sad to say, but necessary, is trapping. Our inside rooms are our inside rooms, and that's that.


Kim said...

I liked this post! that had to be something to see a mouse waddle! I hope you don't get to many more visitors~ if you know what I mean.

JeanMac said...

I plugged one of those electronic gadgets in which send a high freq - no more mice in the garage.