Monday, September 22, 2008

Our park, within the city, has lots of bears enjoying the berries before their long winter nap.

I see so many people running on the paths and kind of worry about them - but, of course, that's my job. I worry for and about everyone and everything.

Anyway, so far no attacks in town but lots of bears in yards, especially at the higher elevations. Hey, that's us!

No problem, I'll send Buddy, the cat, after those bruins.


Bear Naked said...

Well you know I have to adore THIS
Herman cartoon.

Bear((( )))

Jeanne said...

Love and hugs and many glorious wishes.
Love Jeanne

Be safe.
Take care

Kim said...

a tad bit scary! and don't fret~ there are alot of people out there who's job is to worry about everyhing/ everyone as well~ my mother and sister-in-law make the top of my list. Keep Safe!!

JeanMac said...

Hi Kim, Always good to hear from you!! Hugs.Jean